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Putting ourselves in the best light

With its expansion to the lighting sector, Beretta broadens its commercial horizons, leveraging off its expertise in the automotive business


In its over 70-year history, Beretta has established itself as a leader in the design and production of steel cables, and in the last 15 years it has strengthened its presence in the automotive sector. But recently, leveraging off know-how developed in the car business, the company has also expanded into lighting.

«Lighting isn’t a niche, but an extremely vast sector and one that is continuously growing – explains Massimiliano Vitali, Sales & Marketing Manager –. In a market of several million pieces a year, the goal of Beretta is to secure a significant share of total demand». An ambitious objective, but within reach. Indeed, Beretta can count on a series of skills that are also applicable to this sector: from 3D design capabilities to prototyping and rapid implementation, to meet the needs of customers sensitive to time-to-market issues.

It’s this ability to design quickly and to produce in a large series that has made Beretta a preferred partner for large lighting companies.

For the near future, however, the challenge is that of also offering an innovative service to small and medium enterprises, to satisfy their requirements in a very few hours and with a minimum of customization options. It’s practically a household cable service. Faster than the speed of light, it must be said.