Making room for the future

Beretta is moving its headquarters to Limbiate, to a structure that’s perfect for developing its engineering vocation, allowing the company to grow further


New headquarters. Larger, more functional and, above all, more similar to us. This is Beretta’s big news for the new year: a few days ago, we said goodbye to our old offices in Cesano Maderno and relocated to Limbiate, to a plant that better suits our requirements.

“This is an important step and we’d been thinking about it for some time – commented the general manager, Ambrogio Beretta – We’d outgrown our facilities in Cesano Maderno. Staying there would have prevented us from expanding our engineering department, which our customers see as being our true strength: just a few days ago, an important multinational in the field of electronics and medical equipment informed us that they’d chosen us based on our ability to design and develop all the solutions they need in-house. We simply had to continue growing in such a strategic area. That’s why, when the opportunity arose to take over this plant in Limbiate, I didn’t have any doubts”.

The new headquarters offers plenty of space. Suffice to say that we’ve gone from approximately 3,800 square meters in Cesano Maderno to now over 5,500. And it’s not only the engineering department that’s benefited from the move: all departments now have larger areas to work in, from the offices (which have almost quadrupled) to the technical laboratories. In short, this represents a big investment, which is a sign of our confidence in the future and of our firm belief that we can continue to grow, supporting our customers just like we always have.

But that’s not enough. In fact, we’re convinced that a virtuous company can bring benefits to the entire local area where it operates, which is precisely what we want to do by establishing a reciprocal exchange with the local authorities and population of Limbiate. We are therefore particularly pleased that the opening of our new headquarters on 20th December was also attended by the mayor, Antonio Romeo, and by a number of authorities. This event was the perfect opportunity to exchange Christmas greetings and ended with the symbolic cutting of the ribbon.

The new headquarters represents the finishing line of a journey that began a long time ago, back in 1948, in an apartment in Via Cola di Rienzo, in Milan, where Beretta took its first steps; since then, the company has moved from laboratories in Bollate and Affori and then from facilities in Muggiò and Cesano Maderno – it’s come a very long way indeed.