New business

A light came on in our minds

This week in Milan Euroluce is on. This is an important event for us, because here at Beretta the lighting sector has become a strategic one, thanks to the lessons learnt working in the automotive field: precision, rapidity and problem solving


These are very intense days for us. Right now, our attention is mainly focused on Euroluce, the international lighting fair being held in Milan, where we are first-time guests. We will come back to this topic once the event is over, but our participation undoubtedly confirms that the path we have been following in recent years is the right one. This path is leading us to gain a significant role in the lighting world, and the declarations of high regard coming our way these past few days are further proof of this.

Our company has changed direction several times over the years, repositioning itself as the market evolved. It has transformed from a small family business producing motorcycle cables back in the forties to the enterprise it has become today. Nonetheless, there were no guarantees that our entry into the lighting sector would be favourably met: and yet, just three years after our launch in this domain, we are already partners to some of the major global leaders in the field. Partners, not suppliers: this is our winning card.

It is no mere slogan. We are realising that our clients view us differently, not simply as suppliers, but as co-designers. For example: a few weeks ago we met with the representatives of one of the biggest German producers of lighting systems. We had chatted briefly in March at the fair in Frankfurt, and then, when they hit a problem with the development of one of their products, they thought of us. But when they arrived, they did not ask to see our catalogue. They described their problem and asked us, “This is the piece: how would you do it?”. I feel this episode shows that, even in a sector where we are relative newcomers, we have succeeded in replicating a winning approach: designing solutions alongside our clients. This is our identity. We do not want to sell pre-packaged products, but to solve problems, providing elegant, bespoke solutions.

Of course, for those working in cables and flexible transmission shafts, the Beretta name has long been well-known. We bring with us a method built over years of collaboration with the automotive sector, which is very demanding in terms of both quantity and quality. It rewards precision, compliance with requests, and the capacity to handle challenging orders. Added to this is our aptitude for problem solving and managing turnaround times: it is often said that the automotive sector demands quick turnarounds, but in the lighting sector, this is even more true. To be competitive we have to make sure we are really quick, not only to develop products, but also to start production.

The statistics confirm this: in the past year, we have established commercial relations with 90 new clients and made over 1,250,000 euros in revenues from products conceived from scratch. In response to this path of expansion, I am pleased to reveal that Beretta will soon be moving to new, much larger premises in Limbiate, just outside Milan. The floor space of the offices will be almost tripled, and that of the workshops more than doubled. Our path is mapped out, but this is just the beginning: we can’t wait to bring more of our bright ideas to light.