A guarantee of quality

Beretta was among the first Italian companies to implement IAFT 16949, which raised qualitative standards for automotive suppliers, making the regulation’s spirit of continuous improvement its own


In 2016 the automotive industry was affected by an important development. Indeed, it was the year IATF 16949 certification was introduced, substituting the previous ISO/TS 16949 certification and setting even more stringent standards for suppliers in this sector. It was a major change, which saw Beretta in the forefront. Indeed, our company was one of the first in Italy to adopt the new regulation.

IATF is a protocol of rules for a quality system created specifically for the automotive industry (the main “sponsors” are the big car brands) to provide production management standards for all companies in the supply chain. Beretta, which considers continuous improvement to be one of its pillars, immediately adopted the regulation, implementing all specifications that control production flows at every level in order to minimize risks.

«In Italy there are lots of companies with ISO 9001 certification, but only some of these have IATF», said Giacomo Riccardi, Quality and Technical Office Head at Beretta. «This creates great added value for us, recognised by all our customers (including those coming from other sectors, for example lighting) who appreciate our focus on improving by continuously learning from experience».