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Beretta is able to work alongside customers at the project startup stage, making a real contribution to problem solving.

The British head offices of a major US multinational contacts us to design a pair of flexible transmission, pull systems, for a locking control in the automotive sector.

a Bowden cable from BerettaWhat is special here is that the application has extremely limited space and requires a casing with extraordinary flexibility as well as the highest transmission efficiency.

The technicians at Beretta design a customized bowden cable solution, test it in the laboratory and obtain confirmation that it can work. Prototype samples are made which are then validated by the customer. This solution allows the customer to win a major contract in the automotive sector!

Beretta is contacted by the technical management of an Italian Group that is a leader in interior design with factories in Europe and South America. What is needed is a new suspension system and tension wires to be used in a new product for mass distribution worldwide.

a suspension system designed by BerettaThe requirement is specific: not only must the system be impeccable from the functional point of view, it must also contribute to the aesthetic design of the finished product. The technicians at Beretta study the problem in depth, identify the materials to be used and the attachment systems. In no time at all they come up with an extremely functional assembly kit with the highest standard aesthetic finish.

The system of tension wires and related accessories from Beretta is adopted and introduced with the finished product in all the retail outlets the world over.

An Italian company, world leader in the manufacture of individual safety systems, contacts Beretta: they have to urgently solve a serious industrialization problem.

a special cable with double nipplesThe company has reached the final development stage of a finished product and the worldwide launch, but technicians have discovered that the lever system they had developed is not able to effect the release of a key mechanism in the system. Time is short and tolerance reduced to the bare minimum.

The technicians at Beretta come up with a customized tension wire on a much smaller scale, with an intermediate nipple, which is able to perform the necessary function. At the same time, they plan a special production cycle which allows the measurements of the tension wire to stay within the limited tolerance. The product launch is saved.

The French offices of a major Canadian multinational contacts Beretta about the development of a safety system for an automotive application.

a special Bowden cable.jpgThe problem is complex: a chassis needs to be fitted with a system of bowden cables which will allow the chassis to be attached and released while at the same time providing a mechanical signal that the attachment has been successful. The system is studied in detail, three dedicated Bowden cables are designed, two of which are special with die cast intermediate inserts on the cable.

With the bowden cables from Beretta, the customer’s automotive design is valid and perfectly functional. It is introduced onto the market.

The Italian offices of a Swiss multinational operating in the tier 1 automotive sector contacts Beretta about the development of a new product.

example of plastic injection mouldingThey need to develop an electromechanical blocking system, activated by an actuator, for the leading automobile manufacturer in North America. The design is developed for a particularly complex bowden cable. It includes the most diverse technologies: plastic overmoulding on the casing, while at the same time including a steel insert; moulding a plastic nipple on the cable; overmoulding of a casing terminal. The project is approved. Silicone moulds are created for the functional prototypes. Once the prototypes have been approved, the go-ahead is given for the definitive moulds.

The Beretta bowden cable is installed on the current Cadillac model.

Beretta is contacted by a German multinational which is a leader in the manufacture of components for industry.

a Bowden-cable with integrated handleThe technical office of the German parent company undertakes a benchmark study which includes a family of bowden cables, with an operating handle. Beretta begins a reverse engineering project. 3D drawings are made and, once they have been validated, work begins on building pilot moulds for 5 plastic components: for the handle and the bowden cable. The pilot moulds are built in record time. The prototypes are approved by the customer’s technical and marketing offices. Work begins on the definitive moulds.

Bowden cables fitted with a built-in handle go into mass production.

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