design, prototyping, logistics, plastic injection
moulding, zamak die casting,
and testing of cables
and components


Design, project development, industrialization, manufacture and logistics are services Beretta is ideally qualified to offer.

Plastic injection moulding and overmoulding

Plastic-injection-moulding-01-casings Plastic-injection-moulding-02-overmoulding Plastic-injection-moulding-03-plastic Plastic-injection-moulding-04 Plastic-injection-moulding-05-plastic-moulding Plastic-injection-moulding-06-overmoulding Plastic-injection-moulding-07-overmoulding Plastic-injection-moulding-08

Since 2002 Beretta has acquired skills and resources in the area of plastic injection moulding applied to particular high end techniques: both moulding of individual components as well overmoulding on casings and metal cables.
These are now routine processes in continual evolution.

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