design, prototyping, logistics, plastic injection
moulding, zamak die casting,
and testing of cables
and components


Design, project development, industrialization, manufacture and logistics are services Beretta is ideally qualified to offer.

Design and co-design

Design-01-bowden-cable-3D Design-02-built-in-handle-3D Design-03-co-design-shaft Design-04-flexible-push-pull

Beretta has a wealth of experience in the design of flexible transmission, Bowden cables and casings, including all the component parts.

The added value of Beretta is already apparent at the start up stage: we have developed our greatest synergies with our clients when we have been allowed to contribute to the initial product concept.

Our technicians work alongside the client contributing their precision and expertise to work on the project as co-designers.
Beretta technicians use cutting edge design software to develop all the component parts of the bowden cables and flexible transmission.

The design and manufacture of injection moulds for plastic parts are part of our day to day work.

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