bowden cables, flexible transmission cables,
metal shafts, tension wires and casings for
automotive, motorcycle, medical
and lighting industries


Beretta is a leader in the design and production of custom flexible transmission cables including Bowden cables, push-pull and suspension components for lighting.

Plastic components

plastic-01-bowden-cable plastic-02-automotive plastic-03-bowden-cable plastic-04 plastic-05 plastic-06

Beretta bowden cables come with moulded plastic details.

Beretta has developed all the technologies for the manufacture of these components, for moulding complex details as well as overmoulding directly onto the casings and metal cables.

The materials employed cover all the traditional requirements in the industrial sector (POM, PP, PA, PA6, PA6.6, etc.) and include out of the ordinary products for applications with special requirements.

The range of services offered by Beretta in this sector includes everything connected with:

  • - 3D Design
  • - rapid prototyping
  • - construction of pilot moulds
  • - construction of moulds
  • - laboratory testing

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