bowden cables, flexible transmission cables,
metal shafts, tension wires and casings for
automotive, motorcycle, medical
and lighting industries


Beretta is a leader in the design and production of custom flexible transmission cables including Bowden cables, push-pull and suspension components for lighting.

Custom bowden cables

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Beretta is a company specialised in the manufacture of bowden cables, steel cables and flexible transmission cables that has been working in the European market for many years.

We provide a wide range of manufacturing solutions as regards the types of materials used as well as their functional qualities.
Over the years, Beretta has developed thousands of custom finishes for our products: we can propose solutions for any kind of application.

One thing all of our bowden cables and flexible transmission have in common is their absolute precision and attention to detail.
With the same attention to detail, Beretta makes bowden cables and flexible transmission for a wide range of applications:

  • - automotive
  • - motorbikes
  • - aeronautics
  • - gardening products
  • - bathroom fixtures
  • - medical
  • - baby care
  • - nautical
  • - earth moving machinery

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