bowden cables, flexible transmission cables,
metal shafts, tension wires and casings for
automotive, motorcycle, medical
and lighting industries


Beretta is a leader in the design and production of custom flexible transmission cables including Bowden cables, push-pull and suspension components for lighting.

Complete systems

complete-systems-01 complete-systems-02 complete-systems-03-bowden-cable complete-systems-04 complete-systems-05 complete-systems-06-bowden-cable

Secure in the technical experience built up over its history, Beretta is able to develop complete mechanical systems.

This range of services includes subsets which require skill in manufacturing processes, plastic moulding, flexible transmission, assembly lines.

Beretta takes a ‘systemic’ approach in this area which includes every stage of the project life cycle, from the very first stages of the concept, working alongside the customer’s designers and marketing people, through every stage of development, prototyping, validation and industrialization, right up to mass production.

In this context, you reap the full added value benefits of having Beretta as your partner.

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