bowden cables, flexible transmission cables,
metal shafts, tension wires and casings for
automotive, motorcycle, medical
and lighting industries


Beretta is a leader in the design and production of custom flexible transmission cables including Bowden cables, push-pull and suspension components for lighting.

Push-pull and flexible shafts

push-pull-01 push-pull-02-plastic push-pull-03 push-pull-04 push-pull-05-bowden push-pull-06-shaft push-pull-07-flexible

Over recent years, Beretta has broadened its range of products, manufacturing push-pull transmission and flexible shafts for an extremely wide range of applications: automotive, earth moving machinery, aerial platforms, gardening machinery, concrete mixers, etc.

Our push-pull transmission and flexible shafts are designed and manufactured with the closest attention to the tiniest details.

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